Professional Hygiene Chemicals


We are very pleased to have created a new but robust brand value in the sector thanks to our good references and sectoral experiences in producing clean and hygienic chemicals that are formulated to ensure maximum hygiene in every area where hygienic conditions are needed.

Cleaning & Hygiene Products Manufacturer

We produce clean and hygienic products that are carefully cleaned and handled with care in routine cleaning work, daily cleaning necessities, every indoor open area, equipment, personnel hygiene can be safely used, maximum hygiene conditions can be achieved, price product quality is balanced, special conditions are taken into account.

As Silanss; Under the framework of Erver Kimyevi Maddeler, we have started to our production and development activities in the hygiene chemicals sector by providing cooperation with the companies with high brand value and good references in the sector. We are pleased with both the hygiene products industry experience and our special product formulations to provide limited hygiene products in terms of usage areas and to give positive feedback from our customers without sacrificing quality, providing short term, precise and healthy solutions in various fields and conditions, considering customer needs . We would like to thank all of our stakeholders for the business relationship and thank you for your trust in our products.

What Is Silanss Aiming With Sectoral Activities?

The information obtained from continuous AR-GE studies is produced in accordance with the customers' product usage, preference and need, providing the maximum hygienic performance required in the required field, price quality values are correctly proportioned, produced in environment and human respect conditions, produce plenty of cleaning and hygiene products. As a corporation, the values we have created in the frame and our understanding of business are the missions we have undertaken.

  • Customer-focused production and business relationships
  • Continually increasing product and support quality
  • Detailed analyzes to develop specific solutions in specific areas
  • After sales to provide professional support, such as product use conditions, instructions and influences

What does the Silanss brand target?

With the belief that development is achieved through well-defined targets, we are able to develop products that will provide more specific solutions in a wider field, provide continuous quality improvement in production, establish partnerships with more brand-name high-level companies, expand and diversify our product user base, developing the method, producing the Silanss brand vision to produce simpler products in terms of use. In addition, our goals are: :

  • To provide our customers with a range of products that will not need another brand in hygiene and hygiene
  • Being a clear, clear and transparent brand to the end-user both before sales and after sales, no sectoral knowledge and experience
  • Being a brand with high customer satisfaction feedback, solid and long-term customer relationships

SILANSS Professional Hygiene Products